If you wish to transform your bed room into a stylish escape, you have to invest in good quality bed linen. Go for beautiful and stylish bed sheets, because it decides the tone of your bed room and gives you a great night's sleep.

One thing you need to know when buying bedding is to know how big the bed mattress. If you have a queen or perhaps a king sized bed mattress, get bed linen that is made to match a full or full sized mattress. Check the tag on the sheets, as that will inform you about the dimensions and the size of the silk bed sheets. After deciding upon how big the sheets, think about the material you would choose for the bed linen. Cotton is a good choice, as the fabric is mild, cool and breathes well. There are numerous types of cotton bed sheets you can decide on. Cotton sheets are luxurious and also have a high thread count. They're extremely soft and comfortable. Pima cotton sheets are also a good option, as they are durable and-high quality.

Whilst selecting a mattress sheet the most crucial aspect may be the thread count, as it determines the quality of the sheet. Always opt for linens having a thread-count of 200 or more for a tranquil sleeping experience. You can also consider silk bedsheets for the bed room. Silk linens look luxurious, and are comfortable and warm too. If you have delicate skin, you are able to opt for natural bed linen. Organic bed linen is made of cotton grown without using chemical pesticides. When you choose natural sheets, you are not subjected to chemical compounds that are used in the output of regular bedding.

After deciding on the dimension and high quality, consider the colour and pattern of the bedding. Bedding can be used to extend the dcor theme of your house to the bedroom. For those who have a modern day concept bed room, go for strong coloured linens. If you prefer a serene and relaxed environment, go for bedsheets in suitable colors like whitened and blue. Blue depicts the sea and the sky, and signifies a tranquil aura. If you have a light toned bedroom, opt for matching light blue linens. For a much more ornamental look, you are able to opt for styles like lines and paisley. Stripped blue linens or royal blue linens enhance a manly look, while delicate floral and baby blue linens or France toile linens match a womanly appear.

Writer Profile: Roxcy Lewis is a licensed inside designer and runs his own inside design consultancy.